Oceania-> Diversity and Change
Diversity and change in the world

      The constantly changing world and expansion of European, American and Japanese influence affect the social lives of the peoples of Oceania while different cultures explain the world in varied ways.
      However, many of the people of Oceania have resisted cultural colonialism and the invasion of capitalism.

Colonial History, Social Change, Cultural Loss

      Since the sixteenth century, many countries such as Portugal, Spain, Holland, England and France have spent time in the Pacific islands and carried out campaigns in the South Pacific. In these island areas, they gradually invaded local societies and carried on economic and missionary activities.
      At the end of the nineteenth century, with the participation of Germany, Japan and the U.S., countries engaged in fierce colonial competition and established varieties of colonial governments that changed the traditional societies in Oceania.
Colonial History, Social Change, Cultural Loss (1'20")

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