Oceania-> Ethnic Groups and Societies

      Oceania is widespread and its population is large. Social cultures are quite diverse. Take the way in which the society of Polynesia is composed, for example. It is stratified, while that of Melanesia is based on equal rights. As for agricultural management, slash-and-burn cultivation is used, which is suited to the local conditions. We can also see terrace cultivation, which creates a new ecological system, as well as other kinds of cultivation.

      Nationalism, unique cultural concepts, and social forms make people re-evaluate the way they see the world and the universe.

Migration and Dispersal of Oceania's Peoples

      Sundanoids with dark skin and curly hair were the first people to arrive on the islands of Oceania. About 5,500 years ago, Mongolians migrated to the Pacific islands, traveling the long journey to West Micronesia.

      The physical characteristics of Mongolians are quite different. Their skin is light or dark and they are short or medium in height. Their skulls are round or long and narrow, their hair is straight or curly, and their facial features are flat or sharp. The Mongolians in the Pacific Islands are mainly from the southeastern coast of Asia.

      Another theory indicates that Austronesian migrants began spreading out around 3,600 B.C. They might have come from southern China or Taiwan, and then to the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia. Finally, they spread eastward to Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia.


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