• 2018 Taiwan Korea Japan Joint Symposium

    Date: 03 to 06, October 2018 (4 days)

    Place: 921 Earthquake Museum and Chelungpu Earthquake Preservation Park,
    National Museum of Natural Science, in Central Taiwan.

    Day 1 (10/3) : Pre-Field trip and Opening (at 921 Earthquake Museum)

    Day 2 (10/4): Joint symposium (at Chelungpu Earthquake Preservation Park)

    Day 3 (10/5) and Day 4 (10/6): Field trip

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    NEWS, The Abstract deadline extend to 9/15.

  • Purpose

    The Taiwan-Korea-Japan joint symposium will be held on 03 to 06, October 2018 in Taiwan. Based on the well-developed foundation by colleagues in Japan and Korea on the past years, the consortium have developed very strong collaboration platform for researchers. This year, there are 6 institutes from 3 countries will be involved in the international symposium, and the topics will focus on the related issues in Engineering Geology, Seismology,and the Active tectonics. The symposium will be organized in turns every year by institutes in three countries (Japan-Taiwan-Korea). The goal of this symposium is to promote the exchange of up-to-date knowledge and experiences in various areas. All sessions are planed to cover a diversity of relative topics.

    921 Earthquake

    Meeting Issue

    Engineering Geology
    Active Structure
    Related Survey Technology
    Surface Deformation Research
    0206 Hualian Earthquake

  • Agenda

    Day 1 (10/3) Pre-Field trip and Opening (at 921 Earthquake Museum)
    time stroke
    8:30-9:00 Check-in at the hotel lobby
    9:00-12:00 Field trip at 921 Earthquake Musenm
    12:00-13:20 Lunch
    13:20-13:30 Opening
    13:30-14:00 Invited speech
    Speaker: Yoshihiko Ito
    Topic: Geological Disasters in Japan
    14:00-14:30 Invited speech
    Speaker: Tae-Seob Kang
    Topic: Investigation of subsurface faults responsible for the intraplate seismicity of Korea
    14:30-15:00 Invited speech
    Speaker: Kuo-Fong Ma
    Topic: Resolving earthquake fault zone dynamics from Taiwan Chelungpu-fault Drilling Project(TCDP) and Borehole Seismometers
    15:00-15:20 Break
    15:20-15:50 Invited speech
    Speaker: Young-Seog Kim
    Topic: Fault damage zones and fault evolution: Application to active fault systems
    15:50-16:20 Invited speech
    Speaker: Koji Okumura
    Topic: Fault displacement at the surface and beneath
    16:20-16:50 Invited speech
    Speaker: Cheng Chin-Tung
    Topic: Smart technologies for emergency response and disaster management of hillslope community
    18:00-20:30 Icebreaker Banquet

    Day 2 (10/4) Joint symposium (at Chelungpu Earthquake Preservation Park)
    time stroke
    09:00-09:30 Registration
    Oral Session – Earthquake Oral Session – Surface Deformation and Environmental geology
    09:30-09:45 Author: Wen-Jeng Owen Huang
    Topic: Novel Results of Paleo-earthquake Study on Mulin Active fault in Hualien, Eastern Taiwan
    Author: Shusaku Yamazaki
    Topic: Long-term investigation of slope failure using photogrammetry method
    09:45-10:00 Author: IL Do Ha
    Topic: On copula directional dependence among Korea, Japan and China using recent active earthquake data
    Author: Quoc-Viet Pham
    Topic: Velocity-dependent frictional strength of kaolinite clay under different slip rates and drainage conditions
    10:00-10:15 Author: Kate Huihsuan Chen
    Topic: Episodic creep events on the Chihshang fault, Taiwan
    Author: Trong-Van Nguyen
    Topic: Submarine landslide: A case study from the southwestern of Taiwan offshore
    10:15-10:30 Author: Jin-Hyuck Choi
    Topic: Preliminary results of earthquake geology for the Southern Yangsan Fault, Korea
    Author: Yu-Shen Hsiao
    Topic: Estimation of Specific Yield Using Gravity Observations: A Case Study in MinZhu Basin
    10:30-10:45 Author: Yin-Tung Yen
    Topic: Source Characteristics and Ground Motion Simulation of the 0206 Hualien Earthquake
    Author: Kenji Okazaki
    Topic: Concentration reduction and evapotranspiration effect of leachate containing heavy metals by phytoremediation
    10:45-11:00 Break
    11:00-11:30 Invited speech
    Speaker: Byrne, Timothy
    Topic: Revisiting the Tulungwan-Chaochou fault system: Crustal structure and possible seismic potential
    11:30-12:00 Invited speech
    Speaker: Chyi-Tyi Lee
    Topic: Critical Issues in Developing a Uniform Hazard Response Spectrum for Engineering Design and Safety Evaluation of Existing Structures
    12:00-13:30 Lunch
    Oral Session – Related Survey Technology Oral Session – Active Structure
    13:30-13:45 Author: How‐Wei Chen
    Topic: Fault and Tsunami Deposit Investigations in Eastern and Northern Taiwan
    Author: En-Chao Yeh
    Topic: Evolution of Stress State and Fluid Sources around the Westernmost Ilan Plain of NE Taiwan and Its implications for Geothermal Exploration
    13:45-14:00 Author: Inazaki Tomio
    Topic: Importance of high-resolution seismic reflection surveying for the detailed delineation of on- and off-fault deformation structure
    Author: Hoil Lee
    Topic: Status on drilling work of the Quaternary deposits for tracing fault zone
    14:00-14:15 Author: Ping-Yu Chang
    Topic: Imaging the subsurface fault systems with the magnetotelluric surveys in the western Ilan plain of NE Taiwan
    Author: Chih-Tung Chen
    Topic: Earthquake geology of the active Shanchiao Fault, Taipei metropolis
    14:15-14:30 Author: Hsin-Chang Liu
    Topic: Applications of time-lapse ERT in NAPL contaminated sites
    Author: Ling-Ho Chung
    Topic: Review of Historical Collapse Events at the Trench of the Chelungpu Fault Preservation Park
    14:30-14:45 Author: Chih-Ping Kuo
    Topic: Finding Fouled Ballast inside Railway Foundation Using Featured GPR Signals
    Author: Chun-Ming Huang
    Topic: Investigating Muchiliao Fault Zone Structures by Using High Resolution Shallow Seismic Reflection Survey
    14:45-15:00 Author: Gong-Ruei Ho
    Topic: Sanyi-Chelungpu Fault System : Deformation and Kinematic Analysis by Incorporating GPR, ERT and Outcrop Studies
    Author: Ming-Yu Wu
    Topic: The Fracture analysis in the Northeastern Coastal Area of Taiwan
    15:00-15:20 Break
    15:20-17:00 Poster Session
    17:00-17:30 Museum Tour - The Chelungpu Trench
    17:30-20:30 Museum Banquet

    Day 3 and Day 4 Field trip
    Two days Field trip by tour bus, and lunch included
  • Poster Session

    Poster Number Author Topic
    P-A-1 Chien-Liang Chen A Study of Integrated Monitoring of Active Faults and Earthquake Probabilities Analysis in Taiwan
    P-A-2 Doheon Kim Deformation history based on the brittle structures around the Morundae area in the Dadaepo basin, SE Korea
    P-A-3 Jia-Cian Gao Probabilistic Fault Displacement Hazard Analysis: An Example from Wushantou Reservoir
    P-A-4 Ohsang Gwon Integrated approach for identification of active fault in slow tectonic settings: a case study
    P-A-5 Su-Ho Jeong Quaternary faulting and fault inversion along Dongnae-Ulsan Fault system, Southeastern part of the Korean Peninsula
    P-A-6 Taehyung Kim Preliminary interpretation of the deformation history around Ilgwang fault, SE Korea
    P-A-7 Yeji Hong Estimation of earthquake magnitude from apparent slip and slickenline on a trench section in Danguri site along the Yangsan fault, Korea
    P-A-8 Yirang Jang Fault age determination using full-pattern-fitting K-Ar illite dating method: an example from the Yeongwol thrust system, Okcheon Belt, Korea
    P-A-9 Mohammad Tri Fitrianto Frontal Deformation of Chihshang Active Fault at Tapo, Eastern Taiwan - Faulting or Landsliding?
    P-EN-1 Hsin-Ju Yao The Estimation of the Water Table and the Specific Yield with 2D Electrical Resistivity Tomography in the Minzu Basin of Central Taiwan
    P-EN-2 Jung Chan Choi Study on the methane emission characteristics for the artificial wetlands system at mine sites in South Korea
    P-EN-3 Sung-Ja Choi Review on the relative sea-level changes in the Yellow Sea during the late Holocene
    P-EN-4 Minhee Lee The evaluation for the geological formations at Korean East Sea as the subsurface CO2 sequestration reservoir
    P-EN-5 Minjune Yang Field-measured hydrogeologic investigation of groundwater flux in an eogenetic karst aquifer
    P-N-1 Yoshino Kohei Road slope disasters caused by snowmelt in snowy cold regions and snowmelt estimation method for traffic restriction
    P-E-1 Byeong Seok Ahn Comparison between observation and simulation of ground motions for the 2016 Gyeongju earthquake
    P-E-2 Chung Huang Coseismic deformation along the Huaxi Road in the Milun Fault surface rupture zone of 2018 Hualien earthquake, Taiwan
    P-E-3 Dabeen Heo Determination of source parameters for the 2016 Gyeongju earthquake sequence
    P-E-4 Hyeon-Cho Shin Preliminary study on paleoseismological history of the Cheongun-Dong trench site along Dongnae-Ulsan Fault System, SE Korean Peninsula
    P-E-5 Jai-Bok Kyung Intraplate Seismicity, Quaternary Fault and Seismic Hazard in the Korean Peninsula
    P-E-6 Po-Tsun Chen A Study of the Surface Ruptures along the Milun Fault Occurred during the 20180206 Hualien Earthquake, Eastern Taiwan
    P-E-7 Seung Ryeol Lee Multidisciplinary Research on the Central Yangsan Fault for Seismic Hazard Assessment
    P-E-8 Shih-Ting Lu An Introduction of the Delineation of Active Fault Geologically Sensitive Areas in Taiwan
    P-E-9 Shunsuke Shinagawa Active fault investigation based on geomorphic characteristics of the earthquake faults in mountain district
    P-E-10 Yi-Rui Lee Earthquake probability assessment for the active faults in Taiwan
    P-R-1 Chih-Hao Yang The coupling mode analysis of injecting fluid into the deep formation
    P-R-2 Jordi Mahardika Puntu GPR Studies of Wushantou Trenches in Understanding of Near Surface Response of the Liujia Fault Zone in SW Taiwan
    P-R-3 Jui-Pin Tsai Constructing the Apparent Geological Model by Fusing Surface Resistivity Survey and Borehole Record – A Case Study of Choushuichi Alluvial Fan
    P-R-4 Tzu-Pin Wang Applying FDEM, ERT and GPR to Investigate the USTs at a Soil Contaminated Site
    P-S-1 Chan-Mao Chen Preservation and transportation of landslide deposits under multiple timescales in the Taiwan orogenic belt
    P-S-2 Cheng-Shing Chiang The modern submarine fan offshore SW Taiwan: Morphotectonics and development
    P-S-3 Jinhyun Lee Characteristics and origin of the soft-sediment deformation structures within Chunbuk conglomerate
  • Speakers

    Chyi-Tyi Lee

    Professor, Graduate Institute of Applied Geology, National Central University, Taiwan R.O.C.
    Young-seog Kim

    Professor, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Pukyong National University, Korea
    Tae-Seob Kang

    Professor, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Pukyong, National University, Korea
    Director, Institute of Environmental Geosciences, Pukyong National University, Korea
    Koji Okumura

    Professor, Department of Geography, Graduate School of Letters, Hiroshima University, Japan
    Yoshihiko Ito

    Chief of Hokkaido Branch, Japan Society of Engineering Geology, Japan
    Director for Geological Research, Civil Engineering Research Institute for Cold Region, Public Works Research Institute, Japan
    Kuo-Fong Ma

    Chair Professor of National Central University, Taiwan R.O.C.
    Director of Earthquake –Disaster & Risk Evaluation and Management Research Center, Taiwan R.O.C.
    Chin-Tung Cheng

    General Manager, ThinkTron Ltd., Taiwan R.O.C.

  • Review

    Day 1(10/3)

    2018 Taiwan Korea Japan Joint Symposium 10/3

    Day 2(10/4)

    2018 Taiwan Korea Japan Joint Symposium 10/4

    Day 3(10/5)

    2018 Taiwan Korea Japan Joint Symposium 10/5

    Day 4(10/6)

    2018 Taiwan Korea Japan Joint Symposium 10/6
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    921 Earthquake Museum (10/3), Website
    Chelungpu Earthquake Preservation Park (10/4), Website
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